10:30 AM on Sundays at 3595 Sonoma Ave

Confessional churches are guided and held together not only by their doctrinal distinctives, but also by their core values: the things they deeply care about and try at all times to keep in view as they walk through the wilderness of this world to the completed Kingdom of God. At Immanuel Baptist Church we deeply care about:

  • The presence of God in our gatherings
  • The exaltation of Christ
  • The centrality of the Gospel
  • Doctrinally rich preaching and teaching
  • Biblical apologetics
  • Personal integrity supported by loving church discipline
  • Strong families led by strong men and women
  • Every-member ministry
  • Spirit-led outreach to our community
  • World missions
  • The glory of God
  • The joy of the Lord

May the Lord of the Church richly enable us to pursue and enjoy these great goods!